Your Body, Your Life Series

Sex & Your Health

How does the female body work?  Learn about mood swings, getting pregnant, birth control, sexual diseases, and more.  (Women Only) Check availability.

Relationship Status:
It’s Complicated

In a relationship? Not sure? Explore your views on love, trust, respect, communication, conflict, commitment, and sex to empower you with clearer thinking.  Check availability.

Is It for Me?

Whether or not you have thought about marriage…whether your feelings about marriage are positive or negative…this class can help you take an honest look at the option.  Explore the critical topics that can make or break a marriage.  Check availability.

Your Spiritual Self

Your spiritual health is just as important as your physical and emotional health. Discover what the Bible says about God and you. Check availability.

Jobs & Resumes

Get help in your job search and learn how to put together a resume that will get you noticed. Check availability.