The Pregnancy Series

Healthy Pregnancy

Every woman wants a healthy pregnancy.  Learn how to take the best care of your body during pregnancy, for you and your baby. Check availability.

Special Issues in Pregnancy

This class covers a variety of special, pregnancy-related issues and complications that may occur with a focus on the preventive measures and positive steps you can take during your pregnancy journey. Take this class before or after our introductory Healthy Pregnancy class to learn more ways you can promote wellness for both yourself and your baby.  Check availability.

Labor & Delivery: 
What to Expect

Knowing what to expect can reduce your stress. This childbirth class teaches the signs and symptoms of labor, pain management, breathing techniques, when to call the doctor, and more. Check availability.

The First Six Weeks:
What to Expect Postpartum

You finally had the baby. Congratulations! Now what?? This class will teach you what to expect and how to take the best care of yourself physically and emotionally during the early weeks following childbirth. Learn tips for getting the best nutrition, optimal rest, safe exercise, emotional wellness, relationship support, and more. Check availability.

Considering Adoption?

Not ready to speak to an adoption agency but still wondering if this option could be for you?  This no-pressure session is geared towards understanding the basics and answering your questions. Check availability.