The Parenting Series

Parenting I:
Planning and Preparing

You have the most influence on your baby.  Find out how your own childhood and present lifestyle shape who you are as a parent, and determine what values and examples will best support your child’s development.  Check availability.

Parenting II:
Tips & Tools

Learn basic tools to help teach your child and guide behavior.  Discover how understanding your child’s temperament can help.  Check availability.

Single Parenting

Parenting on your own is not easy, but knowing what to expect and how to handle certain situations can help.  Discover how you can be the best parent to your child despite these obstacles. Check availability.

Man UP!

Learn about the critical role fathers have in a child’s development and how to maximize your positive impact. (Men only) Check availability.

How to Afford a Baby

Is money a problem?  Learn simple ways to manage your current budget to care for your growing family and save for your future. Check availability.

Goodbye Diapers: Potty-Training Your Child

When it comes time to toilet train your child, one size does not fit all! Whether you are ready to introduce your child to potty training or just thinking about the future, this class provides helpful insight and tips to get you where you want to go. Check availability.