More information on Baby Bonding & Massage

This class is specifically designed for moms, dads, and the legal guardian.

The Pregnancy Clinic’s free Baby Bonding & Massage Classes are taught by a Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Educator of Infant Massage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be performing the massage on my baby?

The moms & dads (or legal guardian) are the only ones who touch their own baby. The instructor demonstrates the massage techniques on an infant massage doll while the parent(s) copy the techniques on their baby. For expectant moms, massage dolls are loaned for practice during the class.

What is the course schedule?

This class is held for approximately one hour.

What should my baby and I wear to class?

During the massage instruction, baby will be in just a diaper, so the room temperature will be on the warmer side (upper 70’s). Parents will need to dress appropriately for this warmer environment.

Where are the massage techniques performed?

Attendees will learn the massage techniques while seated and/or bring your own blanket/towels for the floor. After you register for the class, further details will be provided on what to bring for additional comfort for your baby and yourself.

What if my baby is fussy and won’t calm down during the massage?

If your baby happens to be fussy and will not “cooperate” at the time for the massage, feel free to feed/rock/cuddle him-her and watch the group. If your baby is inconsolable at the time, one parent may take the baby to another room to be soothed while the second parent learns the techniques with a doll. If no partner is available, the parent of the inconsolable baby will be offered a 1-on-1 make-up session.

Can I learn the massage techniques while I’m still pregnant? 

Yes! Expectant moms & dads will use an infant massage doll for practice during class.

What if my baby is sick on one of the class days?

If your baby is sick on the day of a class, please keep baby at home to prevent spreading the illness. A make-up session will be offered to you.

Why is this a 2-part class?

As recommended by Infant Massage USA, massage techniques are taught in stages, slowly working with a few body parts at a time. It is important to attend all three classes in order to learn all of the techniques.

Where can I learn more about the benefits of infant massage?

For further information about the benefits of infant massage, check out the Infant Massage USA website.

If you have more questions about the Pregnancy Clinic’s Baby Bonding & Massage class, contact the Pregnancy Clinic.